Four-Channel Video Installation, 9 minutes, 2012

Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Abscission Poster


Every Autumn people appreciate the natural beauty of the leaves changing color and falling from the trees. However as soon as the leaves hit the ground, they create a mess that takes a massive amount of work to clean up.

Filmed in Winston-Salem, NC and on the campus of Wake Forest University, Fall 2012.

• Winner, Best Experimental Film, 2013 Reynolda Film Festival

• Selection, START: WFU Student Gallery’s 2012 year-end STARTist Selections Exhibit, “Let it Show! Let it Show! Let it Show!” (December 6 – January 18, 2013)


The film was exhibited in an empty room off of the basement garage of Albert Hall, a former manufacturing plant for Prince Albert Tobacco in Winston-Salem, NC on the evening of December 1st, 2012.


START Gallery

Abscission was selected to be a part of the Wake Forest student art gallery’s year end STARTist Selections exhibit, “Let it Show! Let it Show! Let it Show!” The film will be displayed in a two-channel format at START Gallery in Reynolda Village (Winston-Salem, NC) from December 6th, 2012 through January 19th, 2013.

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