Police Beat

Producer, Editor, Videographer

Police Beat is monthly COPS-style reality show presented by the Gainesville Police Dept., as a tool for public relations and public information. While a full-time employee at Studio 601, it was my responsibility to produce, shoot, and edit the show. The company’s creative director designed the show open, the graphics package, and would sometimes participate in multi-camera shoots, but it was typically a “one man band” operation. I would go on ride-alongs on patrol and observe sting operations and detective work.

In my experiences filming for the show, I was involved in foot chases with drug dealers and got screamed at by a crazed, panty-less prostitute who was high on crack cocaine. I rode along with the SWAT team, locked and loaded, ready to serve a warrant. I, along with two detectives in the violent crimes task force, was even first on scene at a shooting once. However, I also filmed my fair share of pieces about traffic safety and spent many late-nights with the “party patrol” searching for noise violations and underage drinking in the college town. It wasn’t always K-9 units and bullet proof vests, but the production offered a wide range of excitement and challenges as a shooter/editor.

Sample Segments:

Undercover Buy-Busts Operation

• BCS National Championship Celebration

• Alcohol Facilitated Sexual Battery


20090109 BR Police Beat

Filming “Police Beat” on University Avenue following the Florida Gators’ BCS National Championship win on January 9, 2009